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The adventure of circumnavigating eastern North America by boat is known as "cruising the Great Loop. Some adventurers set out wanting to be surprised. Bob Duthie developed an elearning program for those who prefer knowing what to expect on the trip. See previews here.

This program includes 2,400 photos and maps, with more than 6 hours of narration. It's designed so you can take it with you as no Internet access is required.

Cruising boaters can start the Great Loop from any point on the route. If one were to start in New York they would set out in May and head up the Hudson River to Waterford. Most head west on the Erie Canal, turn right on the Oswego Canal and cross Lake Ontario to Trenton, Ontario. The Trent Severn Canal takes them to Georgian Bay and the beautiful North Channel of Lake Huron. The season is only 6 weeks long up here from July 1 to Aug 15 so you don't want to miss the window where the weather is warm (but never the water). Cruisers use August to get to Chicago on Lake Michigan and stop in at the many harbors every 15-20 miles along the east side of Michigan. From Chicago its down the Illinois River, Mississippi River and up the Ohio River to the Tennessee River. Most spend autumn along the Tennessee River with a visit to Chattanooga. Some will also visit Nashville on the Cumberland River. In November it is time to head down the Tenn-Tom Waterway to Mobile Alabama. Winters are spent in Florida or the Bahamas. In the spring it's time to head north up the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway with time in Chesapeake Bay arriving back in New York mid May. The trip has taken one year.  

The elearning program is packaged in 3 versions. Use the Addtional Details buttons to see which version is best for you.

Nancy Koch on Taking Care of Our Own said "Thank you so much. I was able to download the files with not a problem. My husband and I have watched the entire video once already and are looking forward to seeing it again many times in the future. We appreciate your invaluable experiences and advice as we get ready to retire and start our own great loop adventure!"

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