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Bob and Mavis Duthie have boated on the water for over 50 years and owned Recreational Vehicles (RVs) since 2007. They grew up in Canada until 1977 when they moved to Nashville Tennessee. In 1999 they bought a Grand Banks Trawler and cruised America’s Great Loop. In 2007 after completing the Loop they purchased a Winnebago RV and drove to just about every place in Canada and the USA. In 2017 they made a lifestyle change to spend 90 summer days in a Brockville Ontario condo on the St. Laurence River and the rest of the year in Nashville. They sold their Katy Leigh Grand Banks Trawler and bought a Rossiter 23 River Boat in 2019. They use their Winnebago Trend 23B to go back and forth to the condo and to take road trips in the Winter.

RV Touring and Cruising America's Great Loop are dream and bucket list items for those who long for adventure on the land and water.  Bob had a career in engineering with two big companies and then started his own business in 1989 providing digital presentations and training programs for large companies. Today his company, Duthie Learning, does content marketing websites for his company and other small companies. Mavis raised two wonderful boys and now loves to garden when we are not adventuring. Both sons are engineers and the oldest works in a big Minneapolis company and helped with his wife to raise our 4 grandchildren. Our youngest son has a successful motorcycle repair business in Nashville. His wife is a writer.

It is time for you to take an adventure tour of the rivers and parks throughout Canada and the USA.

Touring America and CanadaRVers can learn from the many daily trip posts in the RV Stories section of this website. In addition, we can provide two series of programs: 


 1. RV Touring for Beginners   

2. What to Expect Touring America's Great Southwest   

Both are downloadable MP4 video programs that teach RV Touring and cover the Duthie's four RV trips in Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Cruising America and Canada

The adventure of circumnavigating eastern North America by boat is known as “cruising the Great Loop." Some adventurers set out wanting to be surprised. Bob Duthie developed a 6 hour video program for those who prefer knowing what to expect on the trip. See previews or learn from the daily trip posts found in Cruising Stories.





We are now on our second RV since 2007, a 2016 Winnebago Trend 23B. See Previewlearn from the daily trip posts found in  RV Touring Stories or Buy now

 "This is a wonderful travel guide for anyone in an RV to explore the Great South West."  John & Margaret Lester

As both a planning tool for your trip and a great remembrance of what you have seen, this video series is something you will be glad to have." Kent & Sandy Gardam  Buy Now


The Great Loop  programs contain over 2,400 maps and  photos to show what awaits you. Each photo is captioned, narrated and associated with a map. Boaters can now experience the loop riding on the Katy Leigh (above) through this 6 hour narrated video !  Buy now.

“I believe it's the best available preview for anyone planning to cruise the Loop and will prove to be a most helpful companion when they finally get underway."
--Fred Myers, CruiseGuide Author, Florence AL

 I find the commentary, short, sweet, and right to the point and it seems to always hit the important points."
-- Michael Shields, Bradenton FL


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Fred Myers Cumberland River CruiseGuide Update

We have created an update for this cruiseguide. Click here to download a copy. The update is included in the perfect bound books which you may order from one of our dealers..