Date: 01/06/2020
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Day 4 Oct 20 Double Island to Aqua Marina on Yellow Creek

Fog bank ahead just above Double Island AnchorageWe were able to pull ourselves out into deeper water pulling on the anchor line. We left at 7:30am in thick fog using the chart plotter and radar to stay in the middle of the river. The fog soon cleared and it was another beautiful clear warm day. The Tennessee gets much narrower below I40 and the current much swifter. By the time we neared the Pickwick Lock it was running at 4 miles per hour. Since we go 9 miles per hour, our speed over the bottom was just 5 miles per hour. We were passed by 5 other boats at various times. When we got to the lock some of them had waited almost 2 hours. The lockmaster had put them all in the auxiliary lock entrance to wait for the next lockage. The "tortoise" it seems won again. We went straight into the lock with not wait at all and the others followed us in. We tied up at Aqua Marina at 5:45PM along with Tin Man, Meander, and two other loopers. We will stay here 2 nights.

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