Date: 01/06/2020
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Day 5 Oct 21 Touring the Civil War Battlefield at Shiloh, TN

The Civil War Battlefield at Shiloh, TNWe decided to stay in Aqua for a day, rent a car, and see the Civil War Battlefield at Shiloh. This was one of the decisive battles of the war. The South won the first day with a fierce fight and captured 2000 Union soldiers. However, this just gave the Union time to move in thousands more soldiers. A union river gunboat fired shots all night to keep the Confederates awake. In the end Grant brought in more troops from Nashville, who crossed the river in dozens of steamboats and the Union won. Over 100,000 soldiers were involved with 23,000 casualties. On the way back we went through Savannah and toured the Tennessee River Museum. They have some interesting exhibits on the steamboat era. Tomorrow we will leave early (if there is no fog) with Meander 54 miles to Midway Marina at Fulton, MS.

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