Date: 01/06/2020
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Day 12 Oct 28 Demopolis to Bobby's Fish Camp

Bobby's Fish Camp dock with boats rafteed 4 deepWe left Demopolis at 5:30AM with 8 other boats in thick fog for Bobby's Fish Camp near Coffeeville. The GPS, radar and boat ahead really help keep to the center of the river. The locks have lots of lights so are easy to see. Around 7:30 the fog lifted and the fast boats took off for Bobby's only to arrive 4 hours ahead of us. We did 97 miles in about 10 hours arriving at 4 pm. What a sight! Bobby's marina is nothing more than a 80 foot dock tied to the shore of the river. Boats were rafted 3 and 4 deep. The boaters that arrived early figured out how to get 11 cruisers and 3 sail boats on the dock. We apparently set a new record with 14 boats in total. Bobby sits behind the cash register and collects 50 cents per foot. The restaurant is only open Thursday to Sunday so we ate aboard. The oil pressure gage was acting up. I had called American Diesel for advice and spent the evening tracing wires. I have concluded that the sender is bad and will order a new one to be sent to Fairhope. It was early to bed at 8:30PM for another 5:30AM departure.

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