Date: 14/11/2019
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Day 17 Nov 4 Spectacular Sunset

Most spectacular sunset yetThe weather forecasts called for cloud, then rain, and then clear, and then the same thing repeated. Sure enough that's what it did all day; about 4 cycles all together. We had to take the dingy over to the Fairhope Yacht Club (about 100 feet across the channel) for breakfast and introductions to the crews of the 26 boats that are in attendance at the rendezvous. Everyone got a minute to talk about themselves. Mavis brought the house down with her "I think I am having fun". Most "loopers" are retired, and many have sold everything to buy a boat to live on. When they have finished with boating they buy a motor home. I drove into Mobile to attend the West Mobile Rotary Club meeting at the Heron Lakes Country Club. The speaker had just returned from a Navy stint in Iraq but instead of talking about that gave a boring speech on his fiber optic network. Back at the marina, boat tours were held, then a dinner party at the Yacht Club. Tonight we put the dingy back on the aft cabin to prepare for tomorrows departure (weather permitting) for the Intra Coastal Waterway. It will be a 25 mile cruise on Mobile Bay before entering the canal. Mobile Bay is very shallow and gets very rough if it's windy. Tonight we watched the most spectacular sunset yet.

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