Date: 07/12/2019
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Day 19 Nov 6 Market at Beach Marina

Market at Beach MarinaBreakfast was at the Market at Beach Marina along with a USA Today from the box there. It was an easy run to Baytowne. Mostly wide open water with a narrows at Fort Walton. There were lots of jets flying out of Eglin Air Force Base. A pod of dolphins surfaced near the boat but none followed us. We arrived about 2:00PM and for the first time had to dock using a Mediterranean mooring. That means backing in between two piles. There was a south wind blowing across the boat which added to the complexity but we made it without any damage. There were two Grand Banks on the dock a 46 ft and a 32 ft side by side. The 46 (?Restless?) finished the loop last year about this time. He had bad weather and took out a shaft, prop, and transmission hitting a submerged buoy on the Tenn-Tom. We certainly picked the right year from a weather point of view. There is a board walk through a marsh from the marina to the Village. A perfect place to see alligators but none were found. The tree house in the photo is beside the boardwalk. There are lots of restaurants in the Village but few people at this time. However, it's time we ate on board so Mavis is cooking a chicken for dinner. Tomorrow should be another easy day, just 50 miles or so to Panama City.

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