Date: 19/11/2019
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Day 24 Nov 11 Heading to Tarpon Springs

Heading for Tarpon SpringsSwinea's arrived an hour late. Like everywhere most restaurants in town were closed. A driver took us to a new Italian restaurant that was open but when we got in the door we were told they couldn't serve us because they had run out of propane. Some other people were sent away after they had eaten their salads. They had to pay for the salads. We all wound up walking to second restaurant and had a good dinner at last. This morning we changed the primary fuel filter for the first time. The pressure had been rising. It was very dirty. Thanks to Rick Nance (our marine engineer) we had a can of diesel fuel to refill the filter so the engine started and ran without any air bubbles at all. All weather forecasts appeared to be good and the decision was made to leave at 2:30PM. It was warm and sunny with waves about 1-2 feet from an east wind. We were out of sight of land by 4:30PM and the sun went down at 5:45PM. The moon came up at 7:38pm and gave us enough light to see the waves. On the way we sighted dolphins and some 3 foot long phosphorescent fish that swam beside us.

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