Date: 30/06/2022
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Day 25 Nov 12 Arriving at Tarpon Springs

On the way to Tarpon SpringsAbout 11:30PM the east wind started to kick up. Heading south with a beam wind we were rocking very badly and finally decided to change course to the east. The wind continued to build and we slowed down. At one point we buried the bowsprit in the water. We estimate the waves were 8 feet high from trough to crest. We learned that you get 4 big waves in a row then relatively small waves for a little while. No one slept. You just find a good spot where you can be wedged in. We pounded along heading east planning to stop at Cedar Key if necessary. At 4:00AM as we neared Cedar Key we slowed down even more so we wouldn't arrive in the dark. At 6:00AM the waves died down to about 2 feet, so we turned south again and headed for our original destination Tarpon Springs. This lucky break saved us 4-6 days stuck at Cedar Key as Thursday the with a cold front coming through the sea was expected to be rough and it takes that long for the waves to settle down. Many dolphins were sighted on the way. They love to swim right in front of the boat. Unfortunately I did not get any very good photos. We got to Tarpon Springs at 2:30PM exactly 24 hours after setting out. The Katy Leigh's engine ran that long and never wavered. Engine checks were done every hour. Our advice to anyone planning to crossing is always have more than 2 people and an autopilot. It is far too tiring to steer manually for 24 hours in rough water. Tarpon Springs is the sponge capital. We walked downtown and toured the sponge shops and had a great Greek dinner to celebrate our safe arrival. Mavis had a special bottle of wine we drank after dinner with some baklava bought in town. We all went to bed at 7:00PM.

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