Date: 29/10/2020
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Day 27 Nov 14 Harbourside at Indian Rocks Beach

Harbor at Indian Rocks BeachWe left Belle Harbour Marina at 8:30am and passed a large dive boat being reconditioned. It seems that it was in Belize and flipped over in a storm with 22 souls lost. It wound up on a beach and was towed back to Tarpon Springs where it had originally been built. (see photo). It was another beautiful day with the winds light. The tide was out so it was easy to see the shallow spots. Just about every inch of shoreline is occupied by fancy homes and high rise condos as you approach Clearwater. There are low bridges crossing the intracoastal waterway that you have to wait for. I re-measured the mast height so I could be sure of which bridges we could get under without waiting. Out of 5 there was only one high enough to pass under safely. Arriving at 1:00PM we encountered the toughest docking yet. The current running perpendicular to the dock was about 1.5 mph and the wind 10 mph and we were supposed to back in. The piles were about 20 feet apart. Finally I gave up trying and just went bow in. That got us out of the wind. Getting the lines around the piles was also a challenge. The tide is about 2 feet so you have to be careful how you tie up leaving enough slack in the lines. Around 4:30 Mavis yelled that Opa's Boat was passing by. (Friends from Nashville). It is being traded in at Mobile for a larger sailboat. Hans Grasman will have to cross the gulf twice in the next month. We tried to get them on the radio but without any luck. We did reach Ria Grasman by cellphone and she will stop in to see us on Saturday. We ended the day with our first walk on a beach.

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