Date: 14/11/2019
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Day 31 Nov 18 Nashville

Leaving Katy Leigh at Marlow MarineWe packed, emptied the fridge and water tank and were ready to go at 8:00AM. Marlow's crew moved the boat expertly to the lift and hauled it out. The bottom was as clean as could be. Green Turtle Bay did a great job on the bottom paint in July. The prop did not have a single nick so we had been lucky. We left Marlow at 9:00AM with Ria Grasman and arrived in Nashville at 8:00PM. Much of the drive was in the worst weather we have seen in over a month. That's the story until the end of March. Look for the blog to continue then. Statistics 1245 miles 430 gallons of diesel 148.8 engine hours 2.90 gal/hour 2.90 mpg 56.6 generator hours 4 nights at anchor 25 nights in marinas 1 night underway

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