Date: 27/01/2020
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Day 44 Sunday May 9 Mothers' Day

Solomon's Island

Thunderstorm on the radar

We left early for Solomon's Island, MD. The winds were light and it was calm. About 5 miles out a thunderstorm came through. I followed it on the radar and managed to avoid the heavy rain. So in two days we had rough water and a thunderstorm.

We got to Solomon's at noon and refueled (200 gal @ $1.34/gal) and tied up at Spring Cove Marina.

Calvert Marine Museum lighthouse

The marina is right beside the Calvert Marine Museum which is very interesting. They have one of the old lighthouses on the property. (see photo) This has to be the boating capital of the Chesapeake. I have never seen so many boats in one place. Jack is taking us out to dinner to celebrate the day. 

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