Date: 27/01/2020
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Day 46 Tuesday May 11 St Michaels to Oxford

St MichaelsThe St Michaels Rotary Club met this morning at the yacht club. Jack was a former president of this club. I was able to get a makeup. I sat beside a woman who had bought a used Canadian Coast Guard trawler in Prince Rupert and sailed it to St Michaels. It was moored at the yacht club.


We left at 900 for Oxford where a meeting had been arranged with the yard master for the work to be done while the Katy Leigh is stored here.

Oxford is much smaller than St Michaels and a beautiful but sleepy old summer town (see photo). It claims to have the first and oldest (1836) continually operating ferry in America. 

Tonight it's clean up leftovers and start packing for home. We take the boat 11 miles to Trappe where it will be stored in a shed until the end of the summer.

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