Date: 28/05/2020
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Day 8 Thursday September 9 Cape May

Fountain 37' Cruiser from New YorkToday's story is about Mike and Jack from Erie PA. In the small world category it seems that Mike went to school with the son of the man that sold us the Katy Leigh. They came in last night on a brand new Fountain 37' Cruiser from New York. It cruises at 55 MPH and rides beautifully. Unfortunately at that speed and in rough water the interior falls apart. On the way here from New York the entire door and door frame to the V berth cabin fell out on the floor. Various cabinet and drawer latches would not hold in the rough weather so their stuff was flying about. Mike is taking the boat back to the factory to get all these things fixed. I drove him to the hardware to buy a new door latch set so he could put the door back together. A standard house type latch was what was used by Fountain. 

Emlen Physick Victorian Mansion

It was very windy today as the front came through, but at 5:00PM the wind changed to the west so tomorrow we can continue cruising to Atlantic City. The forecast is good weather now for the next 6 or 7 days. This afternoon we drove into town and toured the 1879 Emlen Physick Victorian Mansion. It has been restored to the period and contains many of the things that Physick had when he lived in the house. They served a very nice lunch.

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