Date: 03/06/2020
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Day 9 Friday September 10 Cape May to Atlantic City

Atlantic City The sunrise today was beautiful. The cold front had come through and the wind was from the west at 5-10 mph. A perfect day to go outside, although NOAA said the waves were 4-6 feet. Through the Cape May inlet we were out in the ocean. The 4-6 ft waves were swells that just past harmlessly under the boat. We didn't rock a bit. We were about 1 mile out from the coast.

Tow BoatUS

We passed the theme parks at Wildwood and then 30 miles away we could begin to see the casinos at Atlantic City which was our destination. However, when we got to Atlantic City it seems there was a boat show for the weekend and all the marinas were full even at $4.00 per foot. We called the Beach Haven Yacht Club Marina (another 10 miles) and they said they had space. We should continue outside and then call TowBoatUS for instructions. Well better than just giving us instructions, Mike of Tow BoatUS agreed to come out and escort us in through the breakers at the uncharted Little Egg Harbor Inlet. "It will be a little choppy" he said. We met at buoy "LE" and followed his boat in to the ICW (Intra Coastal Waterway) without incident. What a great service, Tow BoatUS provides! 

Beach at Atlantic City

Now that we are in the ICW we will have to stay there until Manasquan as the only other inlet is too dangerous according to the guidebook. It is very winding and shallow and on the weekend busy with other boats.  Lat 38.57 Long 74.25

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