Date: 30/05/2020
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Day 34 Tuesday June 14 Penetang

marine railway car at Big ShuteWe had a great steak dinner last night with Karen and Bob and talked about the boating business until late. This morning Mavis went off to do laundry and I stayed on the boat getting a variety of small jobs completed. The diesel man is not coming until Wednesday morning. I spent several hours with Dennis who has a beautiful wood Europa style 46ft trawler 'Christine Marie'. He is having new artificial teak decks installed and needs to hang around to check on the job as it progresses. Dennis wants to start the Loop next year and had many questions. He also had many suggestions as to our route. Depending on when the diesel man finishes we may go further tomorrow to Henry's Fish Camp on Frying Pan Island. There is a dock there for overnight transients. In the afternoon we launched the dingy and motored over to the town dock, toured the local museum, and had milkshakes at the World Famous Dock Lunch (established 1957). I suspect the name has been the same since it opened. Since I didn't take any photos today the photo shows the marine railway car at Big Shute.

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