Date: 01/06/2020
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Day 40 Monday June 20 Little Current on Manitoulin Island

Collins InletOur original plan was to spend a day at Baie Fine and another day at Birch Lodge. However as we are behind schedule we decided to skip these two points and go directly to Little Current on Manitoulin Island. The only road to this huge island crosses at Little Current on a one lane swing bridge. The bridge only opens on the hour and we made the 11:00AM. This is a really neat town with good shopping and a Laundromat. Mavis did the laundry while I tackled the aft head repair again. I should get my certification in head repair now. Mavis met a couple in the laundry and we had drinks and dinner together. The have a 42 ft Catalina sailboat. They have cruised here for 4 years in the summer and live at Burnt Store in Florida in the winter. This year they will start to head south and are leaving the boat in Cleveland. They are friends of Doc and Eileen, former Kenlake boaters . . .small world. There has not been a cell phone signal for the last two days. However the Anchor Grill here has wifi so I will be sending this by wifi. It is the first time I have seen wifi since Clayton NY. The owner of the Anchor Grill is a boater and caters to the Michigan and Wisconsin boaters that fill the harbor in the summer. Today's photo was taken yesterday as we cruised Collins Inlet which is a natural fiord with high cliffs on both sides of a narrow channel. Lat 45.8 Long 81.93

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