Date: 12/12/2018
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Day 41 Tuesday June 21 Benjamin Islands

North ChannelBreakfast was at the English Pantry in Little Current. Next stop was the Benjamin Islands in the North Channel. This is easily the most spectacular place since Cumberland Island off South Carolina. The water is crystal clear. You can see down 10-15 feet. There are high smooth rock cliffs on each side. I took the dingy over and climbed to the top for an incredible southern view of the North Channel (see photo). In a sheltered place high on the rocks I found the cluster of 4 very rare Pink Lady Slipper Orchids. We are anchored with three sailboats on South Benjamin Island in a bay that is sheltered on 3 sides. Only a south wind will make it uncomfortable. The forecast is for west winds becoming northwest so we should be OK. Tomorrow we will head back to civilization at Blind River. Lat 46.08 Long 82.26

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