Date: 30/05/2020
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Day 53 Sunday July 3 Manistee to Pentwater

PentwaterThe weather looked pretty good so we were out of Manistee at 8:00AM. The photo shows the lighthouse at the end of the breakwater. The cat walk was necessary so the lighthouse keeper could get to the light in storms when the waves were over the breakwater. The wind was south at 10-15 and the waves stayed below 5 feet so we made good time arriving at Pentwater at noon. Pentwater describes itself as the Nantucket of Michigan. There is a main street with some good shops. A nautical shop had some really nice book shelves that we bought for the boat as the current shelf looses all the books to the floor in rough weather. The seasonal boaters in the marina here, "Snug Harbor", decorate their boats with ethnic decorations. A big Tiara beside us has St Patrick's Day decorations. The next boat has Marti Gras, and a large sailboat has a set of signal flags and from the top of its mast. The Pentwater fireworks will be tonight. Lat 43.78 Long 86.43

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