Date: 01/06/2020
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Day 57 Thursday July 7 Holland to Chicago

View of ChicagoIt was a lonely day crossing lake Michigan 93 miles from Holland to Chicago. We had the whole lake to ourselves during the 10 hours it took from 6:00AM to 4:00PM. One Lake Freighter crossed our path around 2:30PM and two power boats going in the other direction were sighted. We didn't even see a seagull. Six years ago we had birds landing on the boat to rest. Mavis sighted the Sears Tower at 1:15 when we were 29 miles away. (see photo taken about 10 miles out). Theoretically it should be visible at 47 miles but there was quite a bit of haze. The wind was behind us but the waves built to 3-4 feet as we neared Chicago so it was kind of rough most of the day. We are moored at the Chicago Park's Burnham Marina which is just north of McCormick Place. Not very handy to downtown but all the closer-in marinas were booked for the weekend. Lat 41.86 Long 87.61

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