Date: 03/06/2020
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Day 64 Thursday July 14 Beardstown to Alton

Mississippi RiverHot, hot, hot. We set the record today for the longest distance in a single day on the loop; 102 miles from Beardstown to Alton, IL. as well as it being the hottest day so far. We left at 5:26AM and were at the first lock at LaGrange by 6:00AM only to find we would have a 1 3/4 hour wait for two barges to come up. We got to Alton at 5:56PM. I had expected a lot of current in the Mississippi and was disappointed when there wasn't. The guide books and another boater said we should see 4-5 miles per hour. There was very little pleasure boat traffic all day with only one northbound cruiser. However, barge traffic more than made up for the lack of pleasure boats. We met at least 5 tows and passed 3. (See photo of the Mississippi). In one stretch we passed two one after another. We saw two white pelicans today just standing on the shore. It seems that pelicans are not just found in Florida but also live on the prairies in the summer. Lat 38.89 Long 90.18

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