Date: 01/06/2020
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Day 12 Chattanooga to Soddy Daisy, TN

Shady Grove Harbor Marina It is still dark at 7:00AM so we didn't get away until after 8:00. We are now cruising new waters for us as we cruised to Chattanooga in 2000. The locks are much smaller now and so far there have been no tows. One reason is the TVA generator at Sequoyah is nuclear so no coal is required.Chickamauga Lake is lined with marinas and summer homes. For the first time we were passed by several cruisers. We tied up a Shady Grove Harbor Marina at 11:45. The owners are very friendly and accommodating. They live in the marina on a 65' Somerset house boat. The largest inventory of Croc shoes I have ever seen is in the small store on the dock. Both Mavis and I bought our first pair of Crocs from Terri the proprietor. We borrowed the courtesy van and drove into Soddy Daisy. An old mining town it is now a suburb of Chattanooga with various home developments. We could not find any sign of an old town. Back at the marina I talked to the crew on an air powered swamp buggy that came in for fuel. They had just returned from a week tearing up the everglades. Tonight loopers from Boulder Co. came over and had dinner and some wine with us. We are apparently the only other loopers to have stopped at this marina this year. We stayed here because of the glowing report they wrote in the email service sent to all loopers. It really is a great marina. I spent an hour updating all my electronic courses and we are now just 3 days and 160 miles away from our goal, Knoxville.

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