Date: 27/05/2020
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Day 18 Lenoir City to Big Hill Cove, Tellico Lake

Dayton courtroom, famous for the "Monkey Trial" Today's cruise was short, just 12 miles. We used the rest of the day to visit historic towns on the route that we were not able to visit by boat due to time constraints. I wanted photos of these places for our next CD project "What to Expect Cruising the Tennessee River".  We went to Kingston and Dayton. Dayton was the most interesting as the location of the famous "Monkey Trial" over evolution vs fundamentalism. The actual court room is still in use. (see photo). There is a little museum in the basement of the building that tells the story very well with lots of photos and memorabilia from the time period. On our return we cruised to the Stobs, tied up to their dock, had a wonderful dinner at their house and then anchored in the cove. We moved the boat away from the dock in case it got windy and our boat put too much stress on their dock. As always when we anchor, a thunderstorm came along but so far has been very mild. It's hard to believe that I can work in the aft cabin on the computer and update the blog from a tiny cove in the wilderness of East Tennessee. We can also bring up the new NOAA radar websites and see exactly where the storm is and how much more we are likely to get.

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