Date: 27/05/2020
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Day 25 Goose Pond to Huntsville, AL

Another beautiful day and it is Mavis' birthday. We were out at 7:45 and before long were passed by Bob & Evelyn. They are the fastest loopers we have seen yet. I guess after thousands of miles in canoes it is time to speed things up a bit. Bob is battling a rare form of cancer and is interested in seeing as much of the country as he can. The river is beautiful with high hills on both sides all the way to Ditto Landing Marina at Huntsville. We arrived at 1:00PM The marina is a city owned facility and has little service. I had to call on the cell phone to get them to use their VHF radio. There is a 5 mile paved path along a tributary river that goes into town. It is well used by bikers and walkers. We went about 1.5 miles. Tonight we celebrated the birthday by going to the movie "Departed". When we got back we found the freezer had died a day or two ago. Dinner was macaroni and cheese rather than the steak we had saved.

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