Date: 01/06/2020
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Day 36 Pebble Isle to Kenlake Marina

Barge raising Another cold day with ice and frost on the boat and docks. However, the sun was out and with the heat on it was beautiful cruising. We filled up with diesel and pumped out the holding tank for the winter before leaving Pebble Isle Marina around 9:15. Today we saw many more migrating birds resting on the river. One group looked like White Pelicans and another Snow Geese. At mile 49 a barge was being raised from the bottom about 50 feet down. It sank in the channel just before we left in September. Divers have to go down to attach cables and then the four cranes raise it to the surface. It's a major operation. After the barge raising it was just 6 miles to our home port. Our son Andrew is driving up to take us back to Nashville. All in all we had a fun and successful trip with 2100 photos taken and 1200 miles covered.

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