Date: 03/06/2020
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Day 2 Barkley Lake State Park to Clarksville

River Explorer in the background, with the Katy Leigh and Nordhavn on the new public dockAnother hot day with temperatures in the high 90s. We left at 6:15am to get the most out of the cooler mornings. It was an 8 hour cruise to Clarksville. We overtook and passed 2 barges but otherwise did not see another cruiser or any barges coming down the river. Just as the dock was in sight, at 2:00pm, it started raining hard. It was a scramble to get the boat docked and covered up and we got soaked. About an hour later a Nordhavn also docked in front of us so we have some company now. Clarksville has spent a fortune fixing up its waterfront with walkways, elevator towers that take you up to more walkways, benches, etc. However, while there are a lot of government buildings in the downtown there isn’t much else. A couple of fast food restaurants are nearby but that is about it. The River Explorer (a huge cruise ship on 2 barges) is also docked here. It leaves tonight at midnight for Nashville. It cruised here from St. Louis. Tomorrow should be an easy day, just 32 miles and 1 lock to Ashland City. The photo shows the River Explorer in the background, with the Katy Leigh and Nordhavn on the new public dock. The wakes of the small boats going full tilt up the river make it a little bumpy during the day.

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