Date: 03/06/2020
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Day 3 Clarksville to Ashland City

Harbor at Harpeth Shoals MarinaWe had a quiet night at Clarksville with only some mild rocking from tows as they went by. We left the dock at 7:00AM for the 32 mile cruise to Harpeth Shoals Marina. The most interesting sight along the river is the Clarksville Boat Club located about 5 miles upstream. It consists of a whole chain of covered slips all held in place by a steel cable that goes up the bank to a tree. The transient dock is the diverter dock which keeps the trash flowing down the river from going under the boat houses. However, it diverts the trash so it goes under the transient boats. We got to the lock at 9:30 to find a 10 barge tow waiting and one coming down. It was 2 hours of circling before we were allowed in. Harpeth Shoals Marina is brand new and impressive. It has a sprinkler system on the docks. The condominiums are now under construction. Once the restaurant is in place and the shop this marina will be one of the best places to stay on the river. The harbor is very sheltered from any river traffic. (see photo)

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