Date: 03/06/2020
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Day 6 Cedar Creek YC to Defeated Creek Marina

The actual distance today was 89 miles. We left at 6:15 am and arrived at 4:20pm; a total of 10 hours underway. It wouldn’t be so bad except the temperature hit 104.5 degrees in the shade. We ran the generator, all 3 marine air units, and a fan the entire way. This was a good strategy. It was so hot by 11:00am that we moved to the lower helm and ran the rest of the way from there. It was quite pleasant with the maximum salon temperate 81 degrees. The name Defeated Creek originated when 4 settlers escaped from a raid by 60 Cherokee Indians in 1786. The marina is now owned by Alan and Caroline Vires in 2004. The people here are very friendly, the food at the store and Creekview Restaurant is excellent and the prices are like going back 10 years in time. A one scoop ice cream cone that filled a cereal bowl was $1.69. Entering the Creek is very confusing. Be sure to take this buoy on the starboard side as you enter the creek. There is an old very large diesel engine under the water on the other side of the buoy that has holed or heavily damaged several boats. It was apparently left there when the dam was built. There is no cell phone service or wifi here so this posting will have to wait.

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