Date: 03/06/2020
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Day 17 Prizer Point to Eddy Creek Marina Resort

Echo Charlie’s RestauranIt is only about 10 miles between these two marinas so it was a short cruise. It is tricky getting in the embayment to Eddy Creek. There are 3 separate pages you have to look at in the official Corps of Engineers charts. The built in Garmin charts in my chart plotter did not show a course line. I forgot that I had the Garmin Fishing Hot Spots electronic charts that show the route. In any event we didn’t run aground although the depth sounder alarm went off at one point when the depth under the keel was less than 5 feet. There is a new transient dock at the marina with power and water a short walk from the Echo Charlie’s Restaurant and store. We elected to stay at the old transient dock which is right below the restaurant. We had dinner that night in the restaurant with good friends. The chicken salad and rubarb pie are homemade and really good.

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