Date: 21/09/2019
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Day 10 Terrace Bay to Dryden ON

Another 350 mile day. We are still ½ day behind schedule due to the cancelled Rotary Club meeting in Brockville on Monday. We scheduled a rest day on Saturday (Day 12) so we will catch up then.

We are now on the only road that connects Eastern Canada to Western Canada. It is a two lane road with occasional 3 lanes for passing. Construction work goes on endlessly because of frost heaves and wear out. The speed limit is 90 km/hour which is about 56 mph. That is a real good speed for the View but we are about the only vehicle going at the speed limit and are usually passed by all others. Many road signs will say it is just 1 hour to their facility; however, to get there in an hour you would have to be doing 70 mph.

The scenery from Thunder Bay on is pretty monotonous with flat land and scrub spruce trees. The few towns are sparsely settled and pretty sad looking. There are very few trucks on the road as it looks like everything headed west goes by container on huge trains. (see photo).

Diesel is available at virtually every gas station. The price differential here between diesel and gas is only 7% compared to 23% in the USA, thus a diesel engine is much more economical than a gas engine to travel in Canada. However, diesel costs about $6.00 per gallon compared to $4.50 in New York state.  Calculating mpg for the View is confusing. The speedometer mph reads 6% higher than the GPS; adjusting for that we are getting 16.5 mpg. Using Microsoft Maps to determine the distance we are getting 18.2 mpg. In any event it costs about $100 per day for diesel. Campsites are $25-30 per night. Toronto to Vancouver for 2 people on the View would take 9 days and cost $1100 for gas and parking. The lowest cost airfare for 2 people is currently about $450 but is about 1/10th the fun.  We have had Verizon voice and data service every day except the past two. Even at Thunder Bay there was no signal. Here in Dryden I am using WiFi.

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