Date: 17/11/2019
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Day 26 Ladysmith BC

A batch of Karen's free range chicken sausages was much enjoyed at breakfast. We visited a neighbor for a while and watched a buck deer wander through the flower beds and around the rocks. At noon we left for Ladysmith with a stop at Costco for a new camera. The old Olympus had stripped its telephoto gear and the lens cover was sticking. I got a Canon SD950IS which so far has about the same controls as the Olympus but has a better human interface. We are now parked in the driveway of Gwen and David's house in Ladysmith. As I write this I am enjoying the view (see photo) from the port side window of the View. The gardens here are unbelievably beautiful and have won awards for the best on Vancouver Island.. To irrigate the garden, water is pumped a mile from a lake to a storage tank on the property. Then at night some 400 sprinkler heads water the grass and flowers. Tomorrow we are going on an overnight cruise on Orca, David's 42 ft Grand Banks.

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