Date: 03/06/2020
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Day 47 Greybull, WY to Sundance, WY

Before choosing today's route I checked the Trailer Life Navigator program which shows elevations. This software program showed the route through the Bighorn Mountains would be almost flat. 

Last night at dinner another RV’er said the road would take us up to 9,000 ft. Well that feature of the Trailer Life Navigator is all but useless; we climbed via spectacular switchbacks beside the Shell River canyon to just over 9,000 ft. The GPS trackfile shows the climb was 4,813 ft over 21.7 miles; an average grade of 4%.

The photo shows Pyramid Peak with the river 1000s of feet below our vantage point. In a high plateau beside a meadow a huge bull moose ran across the road and into the woods. Mavis couldn't get the camera out in time so we have no proof. The owner of the RV Park here said it is extremely rare to see a moose in these parts.  

The roads are full of motorcycles coming to the 68th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally which officially starts in two days on Monday August 4th. Sturgis is just 50 miles east of Sundance. Everything is booked up solid from here to Sturgis where an estimated 500,000 riders are expected. We will bypass Sturgis tomorrow by 50 miles in all directions and take the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway to Mt Rushmore and on to Wall, SD.

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