Date: 17/11/2019
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Day 48 Sundance, WY to Wall SD

We entered South Dakota a few minutes after leaving the campsite this morning. We'll be in this state for 2 more days.

We toured the Spearfish Canyon, and visited the Crazy Horse Monument, Mount Rushmore and Wall Drugstore; along with thousands of motorcycle riders.  Motorcycles were everywhere going in every direction. There were all sizes and all types; two wheel, 3 wheel (2 wheels in front), 3 wheel (2 wheels in rear), and sidecars. The noise from the Harleys was deafening. On the way from Rapid City to Wall  we measured and average of 1 motorcycle was coming at us every 5.1 seconds. That's over 700 per hour.

The photo is a frame from a movie taken going through Keystone a small tourist town near Mt Rushmore. Tomorrow we tour the Badlands and then on to Kadoka, SD.

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