Date: 26/02/2020
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Planning the Salton Sea Trip

This is a difficult trip to plan because of the uncertainty of weather. We want to get to Quartzsite AZ by January 18th. There are three possible routes. If it is not too cold the northern route along I-40 to Albuquerque NM then down to Phoenix AZ and on to Quartzsite is the shortest route. If its really cold (below 20 degrees) then we will take the southern route along the Mexican border. The middle route is through Abilene TX and Tucson AZ.  On the return trip we are going to spend a week in Destin FL so we will go along the Mexico border route then. I am installing a Wi-Fi mobile router in the View that will let me use my iPod Touch to get the weather and current temperatures at any time. The Verizon datacard I have been using in my laptop computer just plugs into the mobile router and then my computer , Mavis's computer and the iPod Touch can all share the same internet connection. It is pioneering as I have never heard of anyone else using this device.  We leave Monday Jan 12 and pick up the View in Murray KY. We have to pack, grocery shop and fuel up in Murray. I hope to make West Memphis on Monday.

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