Date: 27/01/2020
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Day 7 Jan 18 Mesa, AZ to Quartzsite, AZ

Quartzsite is a tiny town in the desert near the California boarder. Originally a stage coach stop it can now boast having one of the largest flea markets in the world with 2.2 miles of aisle frontage. The Bureau of Land Management owns huge tracts of desert land just south of the town and allows camping. They charge $40 whether you stay for 1 night or 14. There is no power or water and you just park anywhere you like.. The climate is such that 1000s of RVers come here for the winter. We are here with 9 other owners of View/Navions at what was advertised as a tech rally. We are in our own small area 100’s of feet from any other motorhomes. Some motorhomes are gathered in circles just like the wagon trains used to do to defend themselves from the Indians.  View/Navion owners are showing off the modifications they have made to the standard product including towing bars, jacks, solar panels, satellite dishes, and my on board WiFi network to the Internet.  An annual RV show is on and today we walked 0.7 miles to an enormous tent with a vast array of  exhibits of RV related stuff. We plan to stay for at least a couple of nights. In the photo we are on the right side.

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