Date: 27/02/2020
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Day 13 Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Finding myself out of cash, I rode the folding bike a couple of miles into Borrego Springs and found an ATM that worked. It was mostly downhill to get there so it wasn’t so easy to get back. I walked ¾ mile to the Nature Center with Bob (see photo). It was very well done and had an interesting movie in Blu-ray about a recluse in the 1930’s that lived with his family in the desert. We are in the largest state park in California with 500,000 acres of land. This afternoon I read while Mavis took the bike to town. As soon as the sun went behind the mountain, it got windy and has continued into the evening. Tonight we all had supper in the View and sampled the $1.99 wine from Trader Joes. It is really good. At $23 for a case I will be stocking up before we get to Tennessee.  It will be a great wine for boating this spring.

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