Date: 26/02/2020
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Days 30-32 Feb 10-12 Destin, FL to Nashville TN

There was no entry for yesterday as we spent the entire day either on the beach or reading. Today, Wednesday, we decided to change the plan for a Friday departure and left Destin this afternoon. The weather today was bad with high winds, cloudy skies, and rain. The surf was so high that the View got so covered with salt spray we couldn't see out the windows. Another reason for the early departure was because the water heater decided to die once again. No one was available to fix it in Destin so I made a Friday appointment with our dealer in Nashville. It failed 1 day after the warranty expired. At noon I attended the Fort Walton Beach Rotary Club which meets at the Fort Walton Yacht Club. Tonight we are camped in an RV Park in Montgomery Al. Tomorrow will be an easy 284 mile drive to Nashville as we covered 161 miles today. The sunset photo was taken last night looking out the front right window. People like to gather on the beach to see the sun go down.

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