Date: 14/10/2019
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Day 21 July 4 North Sidney to Codroy, Newfoundland

Up early we arrived at the Marine Atlantic ferry dock at 6:45AM only to wait till 9:15 to board the ferry as it was running behind schedule. Built in 1986 the MV Caribou was named after the original S.S. Caribou ferry that was sunk by a torpedo from the German Submarine U69 on October 13, 1942 with a loss of 136 lives. There were 101 survivors. The ship was the largest ferry in Canada when built.

It was a "bank weather day" (as on the Grand Banks; that's Newfee for damp thick fog) with for the entire 100 miles.  We had a very nice cabin with 4 bunks, power for the computer, and a complete head. The GPS showed our average speed was 23 mph and I was able to predict our arrival time within 5 minutes of the captain's estimate.

While the rest of the ship was pretty worn out, the cabin was first class. Arriving at Channel-Port Au Basque it is like a different world. There are no trees, just barren rocks with a few small homes perched in high places. Heading north there are strange mountains everywhere with views of the sea.  Codroy is 24 miles from the ferry dock and just a very small village with a good campground.  There is one bar cell phone service so the Internet is really slow.

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