Date: 15/12/2018
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Day 45 July 30 Oakdale, WI to Ramsey, IL

We covered 390 miles today. Tomorrow it is just 215 miles to Murray KY where we put the View away in the "barn" probably until early 2010. We woke to rain and got soaked putting away the power cable and water hose and doing a "dump".  The rain continued all morning. Driving was nothing but rain, fog and a lot of trucks (see photo).

Our route took us east to Madison, WI and then due south through Rockford and Decatur. Tonight, our last night on the View, we are in Ramsey State Park among huge oak trees.  No satellite tonight and only 1 TV station.  However, we have 2 bars on Verizon. So far in 46 days there has only been one place where we had no Verizon Internet Service and that was Acadia National Park in Maine. I would also give Maine the award for the"Worst Roads" in all the states/provinces we have travelled.

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