Date: 18/10/2019
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February 11 Day 4 Thursday Grayton Beach State Park, FL

It was another cold day with the high about 50 degrees. Tonight it is raining with snow expected when the temperature drops below freezing. I worked most of the morning and conducted a demonstration of one our products for a prospect via the internet at 1:00PM. One attendee was in Montana, the other in Nashville, and me at the beach. It all worked pretty well except it took about 6 seconds for screens to update. After the meeting, we drove the View to Eden Garden State Park to tour a restored 1897 home. The house was completely built of yellow heart pine by a wealthy lumber company owner near his sawmill. The huge trees are live oaks with lots of Spanish moss. This evening was the first event with finger food. It was cold in the open but 2 fires and a propane heater made a big difference.

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