Date: 30/05/2020
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February 27 Day 20 Friday San Diego to Cardiff by the Sea

We spent the morning at Cabrillo National Monument on Point Loma. This is a long peninsula that protects the naval base in San Diego. Cabrillo was the first European Spanish explorer to discover California in the 1500s. It was great place to watch the surf from the high cliffs. At 12:02 the Chilean tsunami was scheduled to arrive and the beach road was shut down just in case.  It was a non-event with one wave about the same as the next. There is a very handsome restored light house in the park that is well worth the visit. Then we drove north along the coast through the high end towns of La Jolla and Del Mar. We must have passed through 100 stop streets or lights. It was slow going but much more fun than the Interstate that our GPS tried to take us on. We had to fight the GPS all the way.  We stopped at the San Elijo State Park at Cardiff by the Sea and got one of two remaining campsites. Things were tight because about 50 sites were shut down for maintenance. This park is right beside the ocean on top of a high bluff (see photo). This is the first night we haven't had power. Tomorrow we are scheduled to visit with two friends that live near here.

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