Date: 08/12/2019
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March 20, Day 41 Saturday, Wappapello State Park, MO to Kenlake State Park, KY

We had a really quiet night at Wappapello State Park since there was no one else around. The most exciting moment on the drive to Kenlake was crossing the Mississippi River on a very narrow old bridge and watching a transport truck coming at us and wondering if we would lose at a minimum our mirrors. However, I guess the bridge is wider than it looks. Arriving at Kenlake Marina we dry camped in the parking lot. I worked on sumerizing the boat which means filling the water tank, draining the antifreeze, opening up the A/C seacock, and the worst job is hooking up the aft head. I was done at about 5:45pm just in time to attend the opening of the boating season party at the Grand Lakes Yacht Club. It was nice end to our trip, catching up with boating friends and having a good dinner and entertainment (see photo).  On Sunday we unpacked the View, took it to its storage shed in Murray KY and picked up the car. We're spending the night on the boat and will drive to Nashville in the morning. In a few days I will make one more post with the trip statistics.

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