Date: 23/02/2019
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Jun 24 California Trip Wrap

Today I finished the book described on Day 22 by Robert Frimtzis, "From Tajikistan to the Moon". It was very interesting and well written. On this trip I discovered the Weather Channel's reports by Interstate. These let you plan your route to avoid snow. I also learned that without special Route 66 maps it is hopeless to find Route 66. Forget about using Rand McNally books. Finally the Trailer Life Directory Campground Navigator 2010 CD works well for finding camp sites. I also recommend the iPhone app RV Parks. It is the first directory that shows street addresses needed for Garmin GPS. Our Garmin Street Pilot won't accept Lat/Long.

41 days total

5,828 miles total

336 gal diesel

$966 fuel cost

$2.87 avg cost/gal

$2.66 - $3.40 price range per gal 

Highest price was at Baker, CA  

$0.166 avg diesel cost per mile

Filled up with propane twice: 8.6 gal on 2/9/2010 and 10.9 gal @ $3.25/gal on 3/2/2010 (20 days)

0.545 gallons avg per day

$1.77 cost per day for propane

Propane was used almost daily for heat

Generator was only used for a couple of hours

Start at the beginning of California Loop 2010

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