Date: 22/02/2020
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July 8, Day 5 Thursday, Rock Island, IL to Winona, MN

While we had some rain there was not enough to start a flood in spite of the warnings. I did a really stupid thing today. I left the sat dish up believing it was down. In Davenport there was a low bridge 11'-8" high and we need 10'-9" with the dish down. As we went under slowly I heard a "bong" which Mavis believed was the microwave steel dish. When we got to Dubuque I checked and to my horror the dish was up but seemed to be OK. Tonight I climbed up on the roof and found a scratch about 1/32" deep and everything still working. We have both sworn to use the checklist from now on. Mavis had taken one of  today's photos which shows the low bridge. We toured the new National Mississippi River Museum at Dubuque. It is very interesting and well worth a stop. They have a restored very large river dredge that is available for tours (see photo).We took US61 north to Winona. It is the roughest road since Maine. Next time I'll try the Great River Road which may be longer and hopefully smoother.

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