Date: 28/03/2020
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July 11 Day 8 Sunday, Woodbury MN

Soccer is getting out of hand in Minnesota. One tournament involves 1500 games. There are huge fields all over which involve long drives on the interstates all of which are under construction. Some are even closed during the weekends so construction can proceed more rapidly. Bridges are being inspected which means shutting down two of three lanes. We didn't see 15 year old Maureen today at all as she had two games in Woodbury and another tonight in Wisconsin. We drove by my old 1980's Northern Telecom office building today. 

It is now the Minnesota office for Comcast. Cable won the battle over the phone companies. The ugly looking grid was added by someone after I left. The factory is gone altogether replaced by a parking lot. The ugly looking grid was added by someone after I left. Tomorrow we head for Brainerd.

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