Date: 22/02/2020
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July 13 Day 10 Tuesday, Brainerd MN
We went to a nifty furniture/restaurant store in Branerd for lunch. The major project for the rest of the day was how to get rid of a woodchuck (aka ground hog) that had dug a huge hole under the garage/office building. Gary had the pest control man over the day before and he spent about 20 minutes telling us about all the dangers and how difficult it was to trap woodchucks. He charged $50 a trip with a minimum of 2 trips and no maximum to get rid of a woodchuck. At dessert the night before, Brian, who was raised on a farm, told Gary to just buy a $5 package of smoke bombs at a farm supply store. You light the smoke bomb, drop it in the hole, and then put a big stone over the hole to seal it up. The woodchuck passes away quietly, and you fill up the hole with all the dirt. No fuss, no mess, and no one got bitten.
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