Date: 20/01/2020
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Feb 15 Day 26, Clewiston, Fl to Sunrise, FL

Two nights ago the noise was from trucks on US 27, tonight it is gun fire. It's not a revolution but rather people practicing with their guns on the target range here at Markham Park in Sunrise. There are so many things to do in the park besides the campground. There is a dog park, a model boat park, a model airplane field, mountain bike trails, jet ski lake, water ski lake, tennis, etc. Visitors can even jet ski in the L35A Canal which might be 100 ft wide at the most. Not my idea of great boating. 

Leaving Clewiston this morning we went for a good 30 miles with nothing but sugar cane on each side of the road. It's big sky country that is for sure, but totally flat with no mountains in the distance, just smoke from burning sugar cane fields.  After the sugar cane you come to the Everglades. Tomorrow we go back to Key Biscayne which will be our base for the Miami Boat Show.

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