Date: 04/06/2020
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Feb 20, Day 31, Marathon, Fl

Ed and I spent the morning telling stories and impressing each other with our latest toys. Ed demonstrated  Apple TV which wirelessly connects your computer to an HD TV. It lets you access Netflix, automatically creates slide shows with music, and shows your slides and videos on the TV in HD. We showed my YouTube    video clip taken with the Nikon S8100 camera in Universal Studios and we were both blown away. You can see it at The result was Ed and his daughter are both buying an S8100 and I will get the $99 Apple TV box.  An hour was spent fixing our satellite dish. The elevation indicator had quit. I found the instructions for raising the dish manually by just counting the number of turns and it worked. As it turns out this procedure is actually easier to do than fooling with the digital elevation device that eats expensive 9v batteries.

We all went out for dinner at a Cuban restaurant (Ed and Daisy are from Cuba) called Sibonet and were treated royally. The food was fabulous and very inexpensive.  Mavis had the Pork Chunks (see photo) and I had the Sibonet Skirt Steak. Both dishes came with plantain, rice, black beans, and yuca (garlic oiled cassava root). It was a feast and all for $14 each.

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