Date: 27/05/2020
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Mar 1, Day 40, Burnt Store, Fl to Punta Gordon

It's false advertising. The lady at the front desk just laughed when I said I wanted a site with the Gulf View. However, the RV Park does have access to the Alligator Creek which leads to Charlotte Harbor which goes to the Gulf. As soon as we got to our site we we got lots of visitors. Barbara and Jim on R/V Golden Lily not to be confused with M/V Golden Lily, their 42 Nordic Tug. They are loopers and are now enjoying the RV life in the winter and boat in the summer. Golden Lily is their golden retriever. Then a man that just bought a unit beside us came over. A little later a couple drove in and wanted to see a View up close. They are planning to trade in their 5th Wheel Trailer and buy a View/Navion. Storage seemed to be their #1 concern and our model has more than all the others. Hans and Ria picked us up and we went to Fishermen's Village a combination long wharf with shops and a marina. Jim (we met at Key Biscayne) was aboard his 36 ft Monk trawler. He had just installed a new shore power plug and socket from SmartPlug which has a lot of advantages. Many boat fires are caused by these devices which corrode and overheat when a lot of current passes through. The SmartPlug is shaped so it is easy to install without turning, and has squeeze clips  which hold it in place. It also has a temperature sensitive circuit breaker which shuts off the current it overheating occurs. The device replaces the inlet on the boat and female plug on the shore power cord.

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