Date: 30/05/2020
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Green Turtle Bay Boat Show
We took the Katy Leigh north 23 miles to Green Turtle Bay (GTB) Marina in order to try out having a seminar associated with the show.  Vebbie Griffith, Sales Broker made all the arrangements and the seminars were held on Saturday at one of the condo units. We started with 9 in attendance and covered What to Expect Cruising America's Great Loop. Part way through that talk 2 more people showed up having driven from Houston, TX.  They were bringing a boat up the Tenn-Tom the following week and wanted to know what to expect. I put together my slides from that part of the Great Loop and showed them from south to north.  We'll try it again at the fall boat show using the convention center and I'll line up some more speakers.  There are many topics for boaters that can be covered in an hour. I made up a list of 17 possible talks as follows:
  1. Great Loop
  2. Boating on the Lakes
  3. Locking
  4. GPS
  5. Radar
  6. VHF Radio Use
  7. Winterizing
  8. Summerizing
  9. Anchoring
  10. Charts
  11. Rules of the Waterway
  12. Buying a Boat
  13. Selling a Boat
  14. Keeping in Touch
  15. Choosing a Dinghy
  16. AIS
  17. Waste Management
Let me know of any other ideas. On the return trip I took some video with my Nikon S8100 pocket camera.  I edited it with a new copy of VideoStudio Pro X4 and posted in on YouTube. Watch this 2 minute video Windy Day on Kentucky Lake in HD .
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